FEIMEX FX 100 in the limelight

This projector cannot fail to impress all those who are familiar with it because the benefi ts are clear:

4 in 1 - Equipped with 7 high-performance LEDs in colours red, green, blue and white, FEIMEX FX 100 ensures perfect colour mixing. Bright white, pastel tones and even strobe effects are possible.

Tremendous luminous efficacy - With power consumption of only 60 watts, consumption is up to 85 % lower than with standard projectors having identical luminous efficacy.

Control - The projector is simply set thanks to the user-friendly menu navigation. Whether manually, as master/slave control or for professional applications via DMX – programming is possible even without a control panel.

Extremely long service life - LED-technology enables a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Even frequent switching is no disadvantage.

Various models - Whether for outdoors or indoors. With our weatherproof IP version you can look calmly towards any approaching storm – the choice is yours.

Robust and lightweight - The FEIMEX FX 100 with only 2.5 kg is very light. The die-cast aluminium casing is also extremely tough and ready for any application.

15 in series - Low power consumption means you can simply switch several projectors in series to save valuable time with large-scale systems.

Flight case - High-quality fl ight cases with 9 mm multiplex wood, aluminium section frame and foam-upholstered interior are optionally available for perfect protection of your projectors during transport.


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