LCD battery display – The high-resolution LCDbattery-display and the user-friendly menu navigation allows even End-Users a professional application. The battery-LCD-Display makes it possible to save all settings such as DMX addresses, preset auto colours or programs in the transport case and all without external power supply.

Preset Colours – The fastest solution to illuminate your location in the perfect way. Never again different colours or mistakes during configuration - the simplicity is paramount. Whether preset colours such as red, green, yellow or Lee and Rosco based colour filters. The different shades of white as well as warm white (ww), neutral white (nw), cold white (cw) or a colour temperature of 2500K to 3200K are also integrated.

Personalization – Whether as recognition or for their own CI. By request, the customer logo can be shown on the LCD-Battery- Display.

If the FX300 IPH loses the DMX signal, you can set how he should reacts. Whether the last commands are repeated, Preset Colours are shining, the auto- or Customer Program is played - your choice!


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