The Bregenz Festival is tremendous, completely unique and known throughout the world. The huge stage on Lake Constance is home each year to breathtaking productions, attracting opera fans from all over the world. The location even witnessed the excitement of James Bond. The light show is especially fascinating, transforming the colossal stage setting every year into an ocean of feelings.

And FEIMEX FX 100 IP is now one of the leading actors! With a total of 348 projectors, the highly compact allrounder conjures up perfect lighting effects for the complete centre of the stage. In addition to the fi ne-tuned lighting scenes required for the fairytale show, it was also the framework conditions that proved a challenge: all through the summer, the projectors were exposed to the weather conditions of the Alps and the humidity of Lake Constance. No problem for FEIMEX FX 100 IP – the projector did a great job from the first to the last performance, providing perfect illumination. Be sure not to miss the next productions, according to the motto of: Let the show begin!


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